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Eye Disease Management– Belmont, MA

Better Solutions for Your Eye Condition

There are a variety of uncomfortable and dangerous eye conditions that require therapies and treatments. Fortunately. Dr. Ajoian offers a variety of therapy options to help tackle your symptoms and improve your daily quality of life. Learn more about eye disease management in Belmont, MA at EyeSmile Optometry & Dental Care of Belmont by reading below.

Why Choose EyeSmile Optometry & Dental Care
of Belmont for Eye Disease Management?

Floaters & Flashes

Man seeing floaters and flashes due to ey disease has a headache

You may see flashes of lights or streaks caused by the vitreous gel (a fluid that fills the space between your lens and retina) pulling on the retina. These can appear sporadically over the course of several months or weeks and may grow more frequent with age. Because this can be a common sign of serious eye conditions, it’s important to visit our office immediately.

Amblyopia ("Lazy Eye")

Child with amblyopia wearing an eye patch

Having a lazy eye can be caused by a muscle imbalance or a difference in prescription between the eyes and may result in poor depth perception. After we diagnose the root cause of the issue, we can provide you with glasses, lenses, or other therapies to help ease the strain and minimize the impact that the issue has on your daily life.


Closeup of person with strabismus

Stabismus is an eye disorder that keeps your eyes from properly aligning with each other when you focus on an object. It can be caused by a nerve injury or muscle dysfunction and can be treated with eyeglasses and vision therapy in some cases.

Ocular Allergies

Person with ocular allergies rubbing eyes

If you have allergies that cause inflammation, irritation, itchy, and dry eyes, then you can benefit from one of our dry eye treatments. We provide prescription artificial tears and other therapies to give you lasting relief through the season.

Computer Vision Syndrome

Man with computer fision syndrome holding bridge of nose in pain

Computer vision syndrome, also known as digital eye strain, can be any number of vision-related problems caused by looking at a computer screen for too long. With the proper eyeglasses or contact lenses and techniques to help give your eyes a break, you can reduce the prevalence of your symptoms.


Woman with myopia wearing glasses

Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is a common condition that is becoming more prevalent. Researchers project that by 2050, an estimated 50 percent of the population will be myopic. To help control this condition and keep it from getting worse, we offer a variety of therapeutic lenses and treatments.


Man with hyperopia holding head due to headache from poor vision

Hyperopia, also known as farsightedness, is a common ocular condition in adults that may cause you to squint to see nearby objects, resulting in headaches and eye strain. With the proper prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses, Dr. Ajoian can make day-to-day tasks like reading and computer work more manageable.


Person with astigmatism rubbing eyes

Astigmatism is a condition that can cause blurred vision. Astigmatism can occur for various reasons, most commonly because of an irregularly shaped cornea. This causes light to bend, making images appear wavy. It’s common to have astigmatism as well as hyperopia or myopia, and can be treated with eyeglasses or contact lenses.


Woman with presbyopia using reading glasses over regular glasses to see

Presbyopia is an age-related vision condition that can make it hard to focus on nearby objects. It becomes commonly noticeable between the ages of 45 and can gradually make reading and other activities a strain. Prescription glasses or contacts can provide you with corrected vision.

Understanding the Cost of Treating Eye Disease

Woman with glasses sitting in a chair

If you have been diagnosed with an eye disease of any kind, you’re likely wondering what your treatment will look like – and, of course, how much you will end up paying for it. An estimate can only be given once we have examined your eyes and gotten a grasp on the specifics of your situation. Please let us know if you have questions about the financial side of your care or any concerns about your ability to fit the necessary treatment into your budget.

Average Cost of Treating Eye Disease

Young woman having an eye exam performed

There are many different kinds of eye disease, so naturally, the cost of treating them can vary significantly from patient to patient. In some cases, the solution may be as simple as getting eyeglasses or using artificial tears. But for particularly serious eye problems, more advanced procedures may be required.

We will take the time to explain your options for treatment depending on your circumstances, and we can give you an idea of what you will ultimately end up paying.

Does Vision Insurance Cover Eye Disease Treatment?

Close-up of a vision insurance form, glasses, and a pen

When it comes to treating eye disease, you may be confused regarding whether you will need to use your vision insurance or your regular medical insurance. In general, your vision insurance is mainly meant to help cover the cost of annual vision exams, glasses lenses and frames, and contact lenses. It typically does not pay for anything that could be considered a medical expense.

In many cases, the treatment for your eye disease will fall under your regular medical insurance. This tends to be the case for patients who have experienced vision loss, floaters, and dry eyes. However, if your treatment involves new glasses or contacts, you may end up using your vision insurance. We can review your coverage with you to make sure that you fully understand which type of insurance applies to your current situation.

Other Options for Making Eye Disease Treatment Affordable

Smiling bearded man with denim jacket and glasses

If you’re having trouble fitting the cost of your eye disease treatment into your budget, our team is here to let you know what financial options are available. You might benefit from signing up for our Direct2Wellness plan. Members can receive discounts on new frames and lenses or contact lens fittings, and the plan also comes with a 15% discount on anything else that you might need related to your vision care.

On top of that, you can also use CareCredit financing to manage the cost of vision-related treatments. With CareCredit, you don’t need to deal with the stress of covering the entire cost of your care all at once; you can instead pay in smaller installments that are easier on your bank account. For more details about CareCredit and how to apply for it, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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