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Wisdom Tooth Extractions - Belmont, MA

Reducing Your Risk of Infection & Oral Problems

It’s estimated that 20 to 25 percent of people are born with anywhere from one to three wisdom teeth, while 35 percent are born without any. These teeth typically grow into your mouth between the ages of 17 and 25, and many dentists suggest that they be removed in order to preserve the health of your smile. Even though the third molars were once useful to gnaw away a prehistoric meals, today, they’re not as useful, which is why we often recommend wisdom tooth extractions in Belmont, MA.

Why Choose EyeSmile Optometry & Dental Care
of Belmont for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

When is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Really Necessary?

Animated smile with impacted wisdom tooth

Not all patients need to have their wisdom teeth removed. The only times that Dr. Salibian will suggest removing the third molars are when they present problems for your oral health. Some issues that can arise if you don’t have enough room in your mouth to house them include:

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Young woman having wisdom tooth removed

Once Dr. Salibian has removed your wisdom teeth, we’ll provide you with some basic aftercare instructions to help you make a speedy recovery. These include:

If you have any questions that arise once you get home, feel free to contact us so we can help you get the answers you need!

Wisdom Tooth Extractions FAQs

Illustration of a partially impacted wisdom tooth in Belmont, MA

At EyeSmile, Dr. Salibian has helped many patients put a stop to their oral pain and protect their smiles by removing their wisdom teeth. It’s considered a routine procedure, but we find that many patients are understandably nervous beforehand. As such, we encourage you to ask our team any questions you may have about wisdom tooth extractions so that we can put your concerns to rest before we begin. Here are the answers to some of the most popular questions that we’ve received.

How Should I Prepare for My Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

We will give you some specific instructions before your surgery. Here are some common tips:

  • If sedation or anesthesia is being used, ask someone else to drive you to and from our office.
  • Tell us about any medications you’re taking right now, as well as how often you use alcohol or recreational drugs.
  • Avoid eating or drinking after midnight on the night before your procedure.
  • Stock up on soft foods so you already have plenty of options for meals during recovery.
  • Wear glasses instead of contacts; you’ll most likely be keeping your eyes closed for a long period of time during the procedure.

How Do You Stop Wisdom Teeth Pain?

We can only stop your pain for good by removing your wisdom teeth, but there are steps you can take to control your pain at home. Take an ice pack wrapped in a towel and hold it over the affected area outside your cheek for 20 minutes at a time, and repeat every few hours to keep swelling down. If you use pain medication like ibuprofen, follow the instructions on the label carefully. Another trick is to rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution. Swish the mixture around in your mouth before spitting it out; do not swallow it.

Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Painful?

No, it is not. Your mouth will be numbed with local anesthetic first, and you’ll usually be sedated. This results in a painless procedure. Some slight pressure may be felt as the teeth are being moved around, but you won’t experience serious pain. After the procedure is complete and the local anesthetic has worn off, you may experience some discomfort or general soreness. This will only last for about a week, especially if you’re diligent about following our aftercare instructions.

How Long Does Wisdom Tooth Surgery Take?

It depends on how many teeth are being removed. It usually takes between 15 to 20 minutes for a singles wisdom tooth to be removed, so if you’re having all four taken out, the estimated timeline is typically around 90 minutes; of course, this can vary based on the location, position, and condition of each tooth. We’ll make sure that you and the person driving you have a reliable timeline to work with before we begin. If you’re being sedated for the procedure, then it will barely feel like any time has passed at all no matter how long your surgery takes.

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