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Choosing Eyeglasses Frames Based on Face Shape – Belmont, MA

Get Frames That Compliment Your Features

Frames come in all different shapes and sizes, but certain ones complement and highlight the features you love, while others won’t necessarily do that. Even though a pair of frames you like look great on a display shelf, you might be disappointed when you try them on. The key is to know what styles work with your facial shape to help play down or enhance the features that you love. Keep reading to learn tips for choosing eyeglasses frames based on faceshape from our Belmont, MA optometry office. 

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What Shape is Your Face?

Smiling woman with black plastic eyeglass frames

The best way to determine your facial shape is to pull up your hair, take a few steps back from a mirror, and find out the general structure and contours of your face and head. There are seven common and primary face shapes. Below, you can find which glasses may work best with yours.

Woman with oval face shape


Oval faces have balanced proportions that look great in a variety of different types of eyeglass frames. Try ones that are as wide or wider than the broadest part of your face, and avoid ones that are deep and narrow.

Woman with heart shaped face


Heart-shaped faces embody both wide and narrow traits. To help reduce the wider top part of the face, choose frames that are wider towards the bottom, like rimless frames that aren’t heavy in appearance.

Woman with oblong face shape


Oblong faces are longer than they are wider. To make them appear shorter and more proportional, you can choose frames that have more depth than width to balance out the shape of your face.

Woman with diamond face shape


Diamond-shaped faces feature broad cheekbones and narrow foreheads and jawlines. This is a rare facial shape that can benefit from choosing frames that have distinctive brow lines or are rimless.

Woman with round facial shape


A round facial shape lacks angles. To give more sharpness to the facial structure, choose a frame to lengthen the face, such as rectangular frames that can help widen the area around your eyes.

Woman with base down triangle shaped face

Base-Down Triangle

Base-down facial shapes have wider cheeks and chins and narrower foreheads. To help balance out the top portion of your face, you can choose frames that are detailed or heavily accented around the brow line, like cat-eye frames.

Pairing Frames With Your Features

Woman with new glasses smiling

Face shape isn’t the only factor to consider while choosing frames. It’s also a good idea to consider a frame color that compliments your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. If you have warmer, darker features, lighter-colored frames can help show them off. With cooler features, darker frames and interesting colors can help highlight them.

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